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Test: Google Maps Slider + JW Image Rotator playing NextGEN Gallery photos


This is a test using Google Maps Slider and JW Image Rotator that reads NextGEN Gallery’s pictures. It parses the xml gallery photo list generated by NextGEN, shows them in JW Image Rotator on the right side as well as thumbnails on the left hand side. Javascript & jQuary used.

  • Using NextGEN’s native ability to call JW Image Rotator is very handy, it’s way simpler and it adds some Ajax effects (kind of) to cover the blank loading picture period. But one thing lacked in NextGEN that is <enablejs> flashvar for JW. Without this the JW won’t interact with outside events. So I added a line in NextGEN’s nggfunctions.php:

$swfobject->add_flashvars( ‘enablejs’, ‘true’);

  • The pictures’ paths and title are from NextGEN’s xml, but the picture’s embedded geocode is by now entered by hand, cause NextGEN’s xml doesn’t include these infos even although NextGEN does capture the geocodes from EXIF and put them in descriptions. I’ll try to modify the code to make it geneate these infos in the xml, but I really am not a programmer… Hope NextGEN’s author would do it…

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